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                “Ah, isn’t it just beautiful?”
                 Sherlock asked absently while
                 gazing down at the headless

"No!" Amy was quick to say, unable to hide the disgust she felt.

apaisleygirl asked: "I can't walk."


The Doctor spun around. “What? What do you mean, you can’t walk? What happened, Pond?” He took a step over to her, a deep frown set on his features before he reached out and put an arm around her shoulders to support her.


"Leg cramp." Amy explained, leaning into him as she tried to stretch her leg out despite the pain. She used to get them from time to time when playing hockey but it had certainly been a while.

"Guess that’s what happens when we run too—." She attempted to make a joke, though it was cut off by a wince. "—much."



"No, I was on me way out and ye just sort of—" He gestures with his arms, quite wildly, to the sides. "—collapsed. Right in front o’ me. I didn’t see anyone else.” 

Jonathan moves to sit in front of the redhead again, studying her eyes through his lenses for any irregularities about her pupils.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" He queries, raising his hand with three digits pointed. He’s not sure if she’ll answer — not with the sarcastic comment she’d made before, but it was worth a try.

She had been alone? The thought instantly sent her into a silent panic. Amy needed to find Rory and the Doctor, what if something had happened to them? Not even taking notice to the fact that he was staring at her, Amy strains to remember what she could of her last moments with Rory and the Doctor. She was sure they had been together earlier today, and by the looks of it, it appeared to be close to sunset now.

Oh. He was speaking to her. “Em-” She squints at his hands. Amy wants to say three and a half, but she knew that wasn’t possible. Unless he had a finger coming out of another one. “Three?”



             ”London? Central? Christ, ye really must have hit yer head.”

Which reminds him, and he motions for her to stay right there before he vanishes through the door. Reemerging quickly with a cold cloth. “Hold t’is against where it hurts.”

To be fair, it was difficult to keep track of where they had gone on a daily basis. Her, the Doctor and Rory that is. She didn’t remember being in London though, before all of this had happened.

               “Yeah, I think that’s been established.” Amy told him when he made a comment about her hitting her head.

Watching him wearily, Amy certainly didn’t move. Though she did look around the room whilst he was gone, barely having enough time to take it in before he was back.

            “Oh.” Amy said, once she realised what he had handed her. “Thanks.” Taking it from his hand, Amy carefully put it against the side of her head. Which instantly made her wince.

            “Was I with anyone?” She asked after a moment of shared silence.


At the comment about her head, he had almost upped and left completely to retrieve some sort of cold press, but then she speaks again and he whirls back around.


"— Oh! Me name’s Jonat’an. Ye conked out right outside me flat, so—" Gesturing around to said flat. "I t’ought it was safer t’an leaving ye t’ere, ye know?"

Jonathan. She didn’t know any Jonathan’s, or maybe she did, right now everything was a bit of a blur.


Amy repeated dumbly, trying to put the pieces together. In all honesty she was having a hard time remembering what had happened before she woke up here.

           “Right. Thanks.” She said, distracted. “Em, where am I exactly?”



        “Uh— ye passed out in t’e street. I was just about ta phone an ambulance, but— are ye alright?”

       At first, Amy doesn’t realise the voice speaking to her was an unfamiliar one. Instead she’s just trying to remember what it was that had caused her to pass out.

          ”I don’t know.” Amy said thoughtfully. “My head hurts.” She admitted after a moment.

"Hang on."

              Now she was beginning to realise this place she was in was not at all familiar.

                                                        “Who are you?”

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                                    “—How did we get in here?”

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