apaisleygirl asked: "This is /not/ what it looks like."


He could easily let her negatory and completely Scottish behaviour and mood impact his own, but he had learned over time that even that was a danger to his own being. She wouldn’t say anything, of course. She wouldn’t utter a word, but there was a few things she would do.

The smirk. It was the first telltale that he noticed. And, being perfectly comfortable with himself as he so was, he would admit that not only was it scary, but also slightly perturbing. Then there was the eyebrow thing. She’d lift a pale eyebrow and give a smirk and it was at that point he was almost one-hundred percent in trouble.

And the third He didn’t like thinking about that one.

"This is exactly what a partially inebriated Giraffe looks like!"



"Do I want to know what a fully inebriated giraffe looks like?" Well, at least he wasn’t bringing up what she had hoped to avoid.


How anyone can watch Amy Pond’s story from beginning to end and say there is no character development is beyond me. 


apaisleygirl asked: "Doctor, I give up. I am not doing this easter egg hunt around the TARDIS next year." Amy said, storming down the stairs and into the console room. To say that she was a sore loser was an understatement.


  “You’re sure you don’t want any hints?”

He said it casually, the edge of his voice turning up with humour. Honestly, he hadn’t even hid any Easter eggs, and had no idea what she was talking about — why would he? He never landed on Sundays.

"And now you’re laughing at me." Amy pointed out, irritated.


we came first..


doctor who series 1: you must dress accordingly to the time period we are visiting

doctor who series 5: lol just wear whatever the fuck you want amy idc

"Trust me, the Doctor has tried to get me to wear time period appropriate clothing. I told him I will if he does, and he never does."


Has anyone else noticed that in the Eleventh Hour when Amy first meets the Doctor as a grown-up, she speaks with a (really bad) English accent, and she doesn’t lose it until the Doctor realizes that she’s Amy?

"I thought he would be stupid enough to fall for it. It seemed to work."

"For a little bit."



   ”There you go dashing all of my hopes and dreams.”

"Leave the sarcasm to me, yeah?" Amy suggested.

"Suppose Aicsilliön doesn’t sound too bad though. Could use an adventure."