There was a slow, crawling look of realisation on his face.
   ”Oh! Ooooh, that’s right! It’s me! That’s why I’m here! I
   need, I need… to use your laundry!

                                The TARDIS refuses. Cheeky old gnat.”

"Oh my god." Was all Amy managed to say before her jaw went slack and she was staring at him with wide eyes.

She knew he regenerated,  had heard of it. She had just never witnessed it. Amy had only seen the Doctor as her Doctor, her Raggedy Man. It felt weird. Wrong even.


"Why are you talking like that!? Why do you look like that!?”



   “Th’ coat, Amy. Th’ coat.” 

   He shook his sleeves to enunciate the coat to which he was
   referring, as though it wasn’t entirely obvious. The Doctor
   sniffed loudly, nose crinkling and eyebrows pressing together.

                  “When’s the las’ time you had a bleedin’ bath?”

"It’s not me who smells.” Amy told him, clearly offended. “It’s you, you and that disgusting looking coat.” Well if he was going to be ‘blunt’ with her she might as well throw it right back.

                                                   Hang on.

"How do you know my name?"




             what if I… kept th’ coat?”

Amy smelt something foul but wasn’t sure where it was coming from, until some bloke came up right behind her. Her hand flung to cover her mouth and nose. “Em…?” What the hell was he on about and why did he have to stand so close to her?

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"It is great. New, but not the first time I think. I wonder…" he trails off, finally recognizing her. “‘Course you would."

Why was he still talking to her? She just came here to get some coffee and was so not in the mood to interact with people right now. Not when the coffee machine in the TARDIS was broken and she was still extremely tired from her last adventure, of which she nearly died, with the Doctor.

"Would what?” She asked, barely keeping up her fake politeness anymore.

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"I’m Scottish.Scottish. Scooooooootiiiiishhhhh…”

"…That’s great?" Amy wanted to just get away from this bloke who seemed to be having fun announcing where he was from.

"…Doctor!?" Amy shouted, continuing down a very unfamiliar corridor. She had just left her room, expecting the Doctor to be in the control room and having some tea. She did not expect to be lost in a section of the TARDIS that had certainly not been there yesterday.

It wouldn’t have been the first time this happened, the Doctor was always messing around with something. Still, it was frustrating to have to try and navigate. Finally she spotted a set of stairs which she hoped lead to the console room.

"Doctor?" She asked again, relieved to find that it was a console room. Just not the one she was familiar with. “Doctor what did you do? Everything is different and-” Having been distracted by the different looking console room, Amy turned on the spot and finally noticed a man she had never seen before in the room with her.

"…Sorry, who are you?"

Amy does have really long legs doesn’t she?